Barbie Photo Fashion Doll: Lights. Camera. Fashion! Barbie Photo Fashion Doll combines fashion and photos with a simple click. The Barbie doll is actually a digital camera and Barbie doll’s shirt is where the digital image will appear. Girls can select from pre-loaded graphics or take their own pictures to change the image on Barbie doll’s tee. With the ability to add frames and effects to photos and make your own slide show – see what happens when you play with Barbie. Once images are downloaded and saved to a computer, the camera memory is freed allowing for more photo fun. Website with Barbie imagery lets girls customize images taken with their Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. Barbie Photo Fashion Doll can hold more than 100 images and features an internal rechargeable battery. Includes Barbie doll with embedded digital camera and LCD screen, stand, USB cable, rechargeable battery and instructions.

A digital camera and fashion doll in one! Now girls can customize Barbie doll’s graphic t-shirt with pictures they take — using the lens built right into the doll!

BARBIE Photo Fashion Doll

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BARBIE Photo Fashion Doll

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BARBIE Photo Fashion Doll

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If You Can Picture It, Barbie Doll Can Wear It!

For the first time, girls can customize Barbie doll’s t-shirt with original photos and change the pics to fit any occasion — all with the press of a button! This super-cute doll has a special embedded camera lens, so when girls point and shoot, the image projects onto Barbie doll’s shirt, creating the trendiest graphic tee. By using the viewfinder built into the doll’s back (and disguised as part of her necklace), girls can make sure they get the best photos possible.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Customize Barbie doll’s tee in a snap!

  1. Take a photo by pressing the button that doubles as the doll’s belt buckle. The image instantly displays on the LCD screen on the doll’s shirt.
  2. Choose fun effects! Press the buttons on Barbie doll’s belt to add backgrounds/frames/graphics and change colors.
  3. Share with family and friends. Girls will love showing off their cool photo-real designs and can even put the doll in slideshow mode to mix up her look!

So Many Design Choices and More Online!

Barbie Photo Fashion doll provides hours of creative playtime and allows plenty of digital storage, with the capacity to hold 200+ original photos. For more design options, your techie girl can plug the doll into a computer (with the included USB cable) and further customize her photos — add even more graphics (such as a glam tiara!), backgrounds, and more. When done, upload the pics back to the Photo Fashion Doll and treat Barbie to a new graphic tee!

What’s in the Box

Barbie doll with embedded digital camera and LCD screen, doll stand, USB cord, rechargeable battery, and instructions.


At a Glance:

  • 11.5-inch Barbie doll is ready for photo fun right out of the box!
  • Doll can store 200+ original photos and comes with 30+ preloaded effects
  • Customize images with graphics, colors, and more
  • Connect to a computer to recharge or upload and download images with the USB cable — pink, of course!
  • An included stand, with a slot for the USB cord, holds Barbie doll securely while connecting her to a computer
  • Encourages girls’ creativity through photography and fashion

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Six years and up

System Requirements:

  • Computer with USB 1.1 port
  • Pentium III 800 MHz or equivalent 512 MB of RAM
  • PC: Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/Windows 7
  • Mac: OS 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Internet connection for additional editing effects

Trademark Information:
Photo Fashion™

Product Features

  • Barbie is a real working digital camera!
  • Take photos from Barbie dolls point-of-view
  • Pictures are displayed immediately on Barbies shirt
  • Stores over 100 photos
  • Includes Barbie doll with embedded digital camera and LCD screen, stand, USB cable, rechargeable battery and instructions

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