The back cover of the Radical Guide to the University of Maryland displays an abstract use of lines that hide the words “FUCK ELKINS.” The drawing was originally scheduled to appear in the University M Book, but the publication was censored and the editor fired. Wilson Elkins was president of the university at the time.

The student guide was published by the Democratic Radical Union of Maryland (DRUM), an outgrowth of the student strike committee formed during the protests against the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia and the shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University by Ohio National Guardsmen.

Demonstrations against President Nixon’s expansion of the war began on the campus on May 1.

A national student strike against the war in Indochina and the deaths at Kent State had begun May 5. A strike committee was set up at Maryland that adopted demands for immediate U.S. withdrawal from Indochina, ending repression of black people, particularly the Black Panther Party and for severing university ties with the military

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Artist is unknown. Published by the Democratic Radical Union of Maryland (DRUM), September 1970.