This highly engaging DVD training series features the most up-to-date content and latest technologies for all aspects of collision repair, including structural and non-structural repair as well as refinishing. Both the theoretical and practical aspects of auto body repair technology are detailed, preparing viewers for what it takes to be a successful auto body repair technician or shop manager. Safe work techniques are stressed throughout, and uphold the importance of following procedures as shown to ensure a secure repair environment. Product Benefits: six-plus hours of live action, simulations, and specially-selected computer graphics provide a unique learning experience while reducing instructor preparation time total modules (3 per DVD) each contain approximately 25 minutes of fundamental repair technology coverage, dividing complex material into manageable chunks of information for better retention and recall interactive quizzes at the end of each program reinforce key concepts and instill confidence in viewers? knowledge a subtitle option is offered for the hearing impaired DVD technology provides easy, non-linear access to the content on the discs and superb image quality

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