The ATI Radeon X1900 XT Pro Graphics Card prepares you for the onslaught of next-generation games. It has one of the world’s fastest consumer 3D graphics processors, employing an ultra-threaded engine to deliver maximum graphical detail at ultra-high frame rates. The state-of-the-art architecture also features unparalleld shader performance and is CrossFire ready, allowing your greatest multi-GPU fantasies to come true. The Radeon X1900 ups the ante even more, with Avivo video and display technology; it delivers movies, games and photos with stunning color and realism. Go beyond the usual graphics with over 1 billion colors and ultra-high-speed processing. Universal connectivity drives high-end HD displays and projectors CrossFire Multi-GPU technology with 4 modes of operation – Alternate Frame Rendering (maximum performance), Supertiling (optimal load-balancing), Scissor (compatibility), Super AA 8x/10x/12x/14x (maximum image quality) 64-bit floating point HDR rendering 32-bit integer HDR (10 – 10 – 10 – 2) format supported through pipeline 3 – 2 pulldown (frame rate conversion) Accelerated MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1 and H.264 decoding, encoding and transcoding VGA mode support on all outputs DXVA support Compatible with ATI TV/Video encoder products, including Theater 550 512MB GDDR3 memory, 256-bit 8-channel memory interface running at 1.45GHz Core GPU Speed – 625MHz Pixel Shader Processors – 48 Vertex Shaders – 8 Geomtery Transform Rate – 1.3 b vertices/sec Memory Bandwidth – 49.6 GB/sec Pixel Fill Rate – 10.4 GP/sec TV-out – SDTV (analog) – 480i – 525i / HDTV (analog or digital) – 480p – 720p – 1080i Digital Displays (Connected by DVI) – All Resolutions up to 2560×1600 VGA – Up to 2048×1536 YPrPb Component output CrossFire requires an X1900 CrossFire Edition graphics card and compatible CrossFire motherboardAre you ready for the next generation of games that will require everything your gaming rig can muster? Fortunately, the Radeon X1900 XT can handle it all with ease. In fact, it’s the fastest consumer 3-D graphics processor on the planet. Designed from the ground up to deliver maximum graphical detail at ultra-high frame rates, the Radeon X1900 XT’s state-of-the-art architecture includes an ultra-threaded engine for unparalleled shader performance. On top of all that, The Radeon X1900 XT ups the ante with Avivo video and display technology that delivers movies, games, and photos in high definition with stunning color and realism.

384 million transistors on a 90nm fabrication process. Yum… View larger.

Performance, by the Numbers
The basic stats on the X1900 XT are awesome: 384 million transistors on a 90nm fabrication process, 48 pixel shader processors, 8 vertex shader processors, 512 MB of 256-bit, 8-channel GDDR3 memory, and a native PCI Express x16 bus interface. The card also features a ring bus memory controller for 512-bit memory reads, which is optimized for performance at high-display resolutions, including widescreen HDTV resolutions. And what about speed? There’s plenty of it: 625 MHz core speed and 1.45 GHz memory speed.

The X1900 XT’s ultra-threaded shader engine features full speed, 128-bit floating point processing for all shader operations, cranking up performance for an incredible increase over ATI’s previous generation GPU.

The Radeon X1900 supports a wide range of digital and analog display modes.

The Radeon X1900 XT promises the world’s fastest shader performance with Shader Model 3.0–now you can see incredible details never before visible, such as sweat on your characters. The X1900 XT also allows you to experience simultaneous high dynamic range rendering and advanced adaptive anti-aliasing for incredible enhancements to lighting contour and color details. Take the edge off of jagged wires and strands of hair, while experiencing photo-realistic lighting.

Home Theater Compatibility
ATI has designed the X1900 XT to be a video and home theater powerhouse. ATI’s Avivo technology promises a high definition visual experience, delivering sharper photos, smoother video, true-to-life image representation, and universal display connectivity for driving high-end HD displays and projectors. Avivo uses the same technologies present in digital TVs to deliver HD image quality for a high-end home theater experience. This means that high-definition images come to life with remarkable clarity and over one billion colors. Plus, Avivo’s universal connectivity allows you to create your ideal display setup. The technology also offers accelerated MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1, and H.264 decoding (including DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray playback), encoding, and transcoding. In the display support department you get an integrated dual-link DVI connector, plus compliance with HDMI and HDCP connections. There’s even a component output for direct connections to HDTV displays.

Lose the jaggies! Hardware anti-aliasing makes your games more realistic.

CrossFire: Twice the Fun
With the purchase of the X1900 CrossFire Edition card, the X1900 XT can be upgraded to take advantage of ATI’s CrossFire technology, giving you twice the power to throw at the most demanding games. Based on the same technology used with ATI-based commercial flight simulators, CrossFire soars into a new dimension of graphics capability with multiple Radeon X1900 graphics processing units (GPUs) working together in your PC. With two X1900 cards installed in your PCI Express-based PC, you can choose from three operating modes. First, Alternate Frame Rendering mode balances GPU tasks between the two cards for optimum performance. There’s also a multiple load-sharing Scissor mode for compatibility with all games, as well as a Supertiling mode that divides the screen into multiple sectors that are selectively targeted by the two GPUs, offering the best load balancing between them. Note that to take advantage of CrossFire your computer must have a motherboard that is CrossFire-ready. The Radeon Xpress 200 CrossFire Edition and Intel i955X based dual-slot motherboards are supported platforms.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in power, consider the Radeon X1900 XTX, which boasts higher core and memory speeds than the X1900 XT, for more pixel-pushing muscle.

Product Features

  • 512-bit internal ring bus for memory reads
  • 48 pixel shader processor and lightning-fast memory speeds
  • 90 nanometer technology delivers maximum performance
  • Combined HDR and anti-aliasing effects
  • Bring HD images to life with over 1 billion colors

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