The television documentary “America Revealed” consists of 4 episodes that each reveal various hidden patterns that occur within the US.

The show includes some amazing visual imagery that aim to communicate various GPS location-based patterns, ranging from New York’s multi-layered morning rush-hour commute (including ferries, rail and bus services) to trails of flights carrying at least one passenger in the cargo hold (i.e. dead bodies). Other statistics shown include the number of job losses, the location of communication towers or the truck movements supplying Domino’s Pizza network, and so on.

A recent post with the ridiculous long title “The art of GPS: Secret corpse flights, pizza boy delivery routes and the daily commute revealed in never-before-seen side of America” [] includes some amazing screenshots of some of the footage.

The show seems to have already been featured in the US, yet will premiere tonight in Europe for the first time. You can watch a few very short outtakes below.

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