The X1300 can accelerate digital imaging tasks, enhance 3D graphics in PC games, output a billion more colors than the competition1, and deliver top performance for high definition video. The X1300 has received ATI’s stamp of approval for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista¿ operating system3, enabling the machine to summon some serious graphical glitz without affecting system Product Description Step up to serious 3-D performance and image quality with ATI’s Radeon X1300 Pro. For greatly enhanced visuals, the Radeon X1300 combines a radically new and efficient 3-D architecture with ATI’s Avivo video and display technology. The X1300 delivers superior visual performance for all types of PC entertainment and productivity. Whether you’re upgrading your present PC graphics or buying a new PC, the Radeon X1300 will easily handle today’s graphics-intensive games, digital entertainment, and productivity software.

The X1300 makes a great upgrade if you’re looking for more muscle for multimedia and graphics applications. View larger.

Performance, by the Numbers
Under the hood you’ll find 105 million transistors on a 90nm fabrication process; four pixel shader processors; two vertex shader processors; 256 MB of 128-bit, 4-channel GDDR3 memory; and an external bridge chip that supports AGP 4x and 8x interfaces.

The Radeon X1300 also supports impressive shader performance with Shader Model 3.0–now you can see incredible details never before visible. The X1300 also allows you to experience simultaneous high dynamic range rendering and advanced adaptive anti-aliasing for incredible enhancements to lighting contour and color details. Take the edge off of jagged wires and strands of hair, while experiencing photorealistic lighting.

Home Theater Compatibility
ATI’s Avivo technology, which is integrated into the X1300, promises a high-definition visual experience, delivering sharper photos, smoother video, true-to-life image representation, and universal display connectivity for driving HD displays. High-definition images come to life with remarkable clarity and color. Plus, Avivo’s universal connectivity allows you to create your ideal display setup. The technology also offers accelerated MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1, and H.264 decoding, encoding, and transcoding. In the display support department you get an integrated dual-link DVI connector, plus compliance with HDMI and HDCP connections. There’s even a component output for direct connections to HDTV displays.

Lose the jaggies! Hardware anti-aliasing makes your games more realistic.

What’s in the Box
Radeon X1300 Pro video card, setup CD, DVI-I to VGA adapter, S-Video cable, composite cable, S-Video to composite cable, and HDTV output cable.

Product Features

  • 105 Million transistors on 90nm fabrication process
  • Four pixel shader processors
  • Two vertex shader processors
  • 128-bit 4-channel DDR/DDR2/GDDR3 memory interface
  • 32-bit/1-channel, 64-bit/2-channel, and 128-bit/4-channel Configurations

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