An ambigram is a typographical creation that presents two or more separate words within the same physical space. Although ambigrams have been around since the 70s, they’ve only recently been thrust into the limelight with the publication of Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons, as well as appearing on various clothing lines and becoming very popular in the body art industry.

This small, quirky art and design book will showcase ambigrams culled from a call-for-entry to designers from around the world. The author has lined up an all-star panel of design judges to evaluate the entries and critique the best of the best for inclusion in the book. The book showcases diverse artwork from all parts of the world and serves as an introduction to this artistic movement. In the book’s introduction, each judge will include his or her own definition of what makes a successful ambigram. The core of the book will showcase the best work chosen from the entries received. Each entry will include commentary from the judges on what makes the ambigram successful. A selection of the ambigrams will be featured and the process and challenges for its creation will be described in more detail. The book also includes a section explaining how ambigrams are relevant to traditional typography and core design principles as well as a section that features several in-depth, step-by-step tutorials for creating ambigrams from start to finish.

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