from a workshop on making a barbie photo journal – students clothe their barbie with found materials and photograph them in public so as to question/challenge stereotypes associated with the toy.
"Christina Yarmol will share her Barbie Girl in Our World unit where students can critically examine the concept and representation of the cultural icon of Barbie whose image evokes controversy, emulation and success. Christina will share how her students rework Barbie’s name, character and clothing, and how they cause Barbie to look back at the viewer instead of being the object looked at. This shift in gaze forces the observer to examine their own social and cultural biases. She will outline the rationale behind the project, provide pedagogical process and several examples of resulting student projects which could be used for online culture jamming projects.

Christina Yarmol has been teaching for eighteen years with the Dufferin-Peel CDSB and the TDSB. She studied Fine Art, French, Education and Special Education at York University and The University of Bordeaux, France. Currently she is the department head of Visual Arts, Graphic Arts, Photography, Film and Video at Martingrove Collegiate Institute where she has taught Grades 9-12 and Grade 12 Advanced Placement Art. She has written Sculpture and Printmaking courses for the Ministry. Christina is a working artist who exhibits her artwork regularly in local gallery spaces. She is currently the OAEA Regional Representative Coordinator. "