"Weapons don’t kill people, people do… unless it is a Trillicom Autonomous Self-Replicating Interceptor!"

The inventors and designers of Trillicom don’t work primarily for profit. They are driven by idealism, curiosity and pride in their creativity. They invent new ways of projecting force, using advanced means and brilliant intelligence to make them as deadly or dramatic as possible.

"Wherever you go, whatever you want to blow up, we will be there to sell you what you need".

Writing computer viruses is fun. Let’s admit it. It is an act of godlike creation to make something that can live and reproduce on its own. It is an intellectual challenge to fold it all into a small package and find good ways of circumventing antivirus software. It is a way of releasing something of oneself into the world to grow into something great. It is also a bad idea. The virus will disrupt communications and files quite easily even if it was intended as safe. It is easy to get an infection from one’s own virus. People could backtrack the virus to you, leaving you open to legal or software attack. But the challenge… this time I will not make any mistakes, leave any traces or get caught!

8 of information is when the ideas and possibilities floating around spear into reality, heedless of the disruption they cause. It is also when reality strikes back against the inventor, forcing one to confront the consequences of one’s ideas and actions.

Intelligence used for the wrong or amoral reasons. Technological chaos. Unexpected consequences. Military intelligence. The SNAFU principle. "Because I could!"