1. Jessica Nigri

The controversial, Arizona-based cosplayer is a staple at comic-cons. She made headlines early this year in a very skin-tight jumpsuit. Jessica maintains a bubbly presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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This weekend, 250,000 pop culture fans will descend on the San Diego Comic-Con for an annual dose of movie previews, graphic novels and video games.

Movie previews aside, a staple of any comic-con are the droves of cosplayers who appear in outfits inspired by anime, video game characters or superheroes. Popularized by young women from East Asia, cosplay (short for “costume play”) rapidly made its way around the world as Japanese pop culture gained steam.

To neophytes, the idea of spending thousands of dollars on costumes and props can be ludicrous, but influential cosplayers often earn top dollar for appearing at events to endorse products or even sell accessories, costumes and signed…
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