2010 australian gold Wicked Lovely Wicked Dark DermaDark Bronzing Blend 11 oz

Start the day with our darkest “roast” to date, Wicked LovelyTM lotion. The perfect blend of coffee lounge chic with the bad-girl side of tattooing. Inspired by the one-word ambigram style from the popular movie and book, Angels and Demons, and designed by world renown tattoo artist Mark Palmer from WOW tattoos, it is the feminine soul mate for Saint Sinner® bronzer.Dressed in the chic tattoo stylings of Kat Von D and formulated with coffee berry, a caffeine derived,antioxidant star for the skin. This topical guardian provides a creamy, velvety canvas, primed to receive a bronze, triple shot, of bold, espresso color. Wicked LovelyTM lotion is the ultimate consummation of sultry, dark tanning and resplendent skincare.
· DermaDark® Bronzing Blend
· Coffee Berry Extract
· Fragrance: Erotic Island Grove

DermaDark® Bronzing Blend
infused with Annatto Oil
Special blend of potent bronzers with Annatto Oil,
“the color of fire” for natural, dark, color that lasts
up to 8 days. bioTanning® Bronzer Works synergistically with melanin for deeper,darker hues
Coffee Berry Extract One of nature’s most potent antioxidants to help
fight fine lines and wrinkles advanced Biosine Complex Conditions and hydrates skin for maximum feeland color

Product Features

  • Formulated with stain free, streak free bronzers for almost instnat and long lasting color
  • Special ingredients help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisture rich formula prolongs the life of your tan
  • Helps to prevent the after tan odor
  • Fragrance: Erotic Island Grove

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