Adoption is a serious consideration, one that requires planning.

This is certainly not the case today.

Be almost sheer accident, today I stumbled into Save The Words (Nancy White tweeted a ning site about visual poetry and I found the link there).

The premise is that, language, as an evolving species, tends to lose words to lack of use. This site presents and amazing (Flash heavy, yes Hilary) site where you pan around a quilt of graphic representations of dying words. There is ambiant background voices, "save me!" "over here" that is both neat and creepy. When you click a word, it provides a definition, a pithy sometimes snarky example of it used in a sentence, and a form field where you can choose to adopt one.

The adoption agreement is "I hereby promise to use this word in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible to the very best of my ability."

After a lot of looking and browing (many of the words are rather bodily function oriented or also seeminly british in source??) I landed on vacacity, a noun meaning "emptiness"

Without the web and things like this, my life would be one of vast vacivity.

And having thus adopted a word, I received this stunning certificate, suitable for framing (or lining bird cages).

Adopt yours today at