1. Monster Anatomy HD

Knowing your anatomy backwards and forwards is a must for biology and pre-med students, so download the Monster Anatomy app to help navigate the human body. There are two apps — one for the upper limbs and another for the lower. Each delves into bones, muscles and vessels, and provides up-close representations of their structures.

At $18.99, the apps are more costly than most, but it’s a solid career investment — the 384 MR slices are used even in the professional world.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, give Skeletal 3D a shot. It’s only $0.99 and lets you examine the 206 bones of the human body.

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The future doctors, engineers and chemists of the world will undoubtedly spend most of their college days knee-high in beakers and microscopes, researching and inventing the world’s next greatest technology. But in order to invent and use future technology, we often have to rely on current innovation.

Mobile apps can help simplify densely complicated topics, such as human physiology, or visualize complicated systems, from the inside of a human heart to the microcosms of cell life.

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