One of the most prominent crimes to come about in the internet age has to be identity theft. Since 2006, the rate of victims has been increasing steadily. Statistically the victims tend to be older, males with higher income. Also internet use has a positive correlation to the likeliness of being victimized by this crime. You shouldn’t be discouraged from online shopping though, it’s one of the cheapest, most efficient ways of finding items that you want to buy. It just means that you should keep in mind that card fraud does exist and it is in fact flourishing.

Things to keep in mind to keep you safe from fraud – Check to see if there is a padlock symbol at the top of the browser, make sure the web address starts with https, use credit cards instead of debit (makes it easier to spot if things are wrong and plus no funds are taken immediately), visit for advice on making payments online, and make sure the website you are visiting has an address and land-line phone number that works. In general it’s not a bad thing to heed on the side of caution when it comes to your identity being stolen! Don’t be a victim. [Infographic created by Ultra Magicard. View original: Card Fraud Infographic.]

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